Crow By Day

by The Johannas

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In early spring, with the Terrell family's move to Alabama looming, The Johannas decided to make an album to mark the end of our brooklyn chapter. After 3 years of sitting around jamming, we were in uncharted territory. Hannah's bedroom was converted to a studio with the help of Max Epstein. We tricked the talented Arthur Dorrington into producing and mixing every track. Somehow, we managed to get everything done one day before Joe's departure. We will be reunited it Alabama for 5 weeks this fall and we plan on recording a second album! Hopefully, the funds we receive from Crow by Day will help us a great deal with aquiring the equipment we need to make this possible. More than anything, we want y'all to listen and enjoy!
- The Johannas

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released July 31, 2012

Produced by Arthur Dorrington.
Recordings made possible by Max Epstien.

Hannah Lee Thompson- Vocals, Banjo, Harmonica, Slap Guitar, Fingerpicker

Joseph Hixon Terrell- Vocals, Lead Guitar, Slide Guitar, Fingerpicker



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The Johannas Alabama

At first, they were just hannah and joe. It was fall 2009. Joe wore his bell bottoms everyday, and hannah cried each week during one tree hill. Blame it on their youth. They met that winter. Bonding ensued over 3 course meals served by the fantastic Anna Terrell and a close call with angry hooligans who chased them home. It was only a matter of time before joe and hannah became The Johannas. ... more

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Track Name: I Can Be Vicious Too
I Can Be Vicious Too
words and music by Hannah Lee Thompson and Joseph Hixon Terrell

There’s a method to your madness
Guides to insanity
Maps of your temperament
Correctional chemistry

There’s a science behind your magic
Algorithyms to success
Secret obligations
You’ve always kept to yourself

You’re not the epitome of chivalry
But I can be vicious too
You’re not the only one that I can love
But right now I’m looking at you
I’m no beauty queen riding limosines
Because I’ve got better things to do

There’s a pattern t o your morals
You pick and you chose
When to apply them
So that you never lose

But there’s no method to your misery
It has a mind of its own
There’s no jaded memory
That left you out on your own

Chorus 2x
Track Name: Curbside Rivers, Pothole Lakes
Curbside Rivers, Pothole Lakes
Words and Music by Hannah Lee Thompson

All I can see is the pouring rain
Over curbside rivers and pothole lakes
Taking over my native street
Clogging my drain and soaking my feet

All I can hear is the steady drip
Of my window imitating my sink
My floor is at its highest tide
There’s more water in here than there is outside

I played by the odds
They got beat, I got lost
In curbside rivers and pothole lakes

All I know is the boy crying wolf
As he tries to show that hes foolproof
But his melody will be earased
By one that’s going to resonate

All my bones are out of line
My neck, my back, my creaking spine
Nothing I hear is making sense
I’m in a state of mind that won’t relent

Track Name: Speed Demon
Speed Demon
Words and Music by Hannah Thompson and Joseph Terrell

There’s an unnatural haze
That crowded my brain
And it’s taken you father away

There’s artificial light
As I open my eyes
I’m watching your mistakes

I’m no speed demon
I can’t keep up
I’m no speed demon
We’re out of luck

There’s a probable cause
If you break any laws
You’re not gonna look back

Cause you run so fast
And you’re too hard to catch
And I am falling back


We got a good break
In the seventh grade
When you walked into my class

Accident prone
Vacations alone
While we lost our baby fat

Chorus x2
Track Name: Stabs In The Dark
Stabs in the Dark
Words and music by Hannah Lee Thompson and Joseph Hixon Terrell.

Dreaming lucid, I’m halfway to reality
I’m just sitting around hoping
My dreams can follow me

My hands are heavy, my hands are numb and dull
I’m just sitting around hoping
They’ll catch me when I fall

I’ve been taking stabs in the dark
I went swimming with the sharks
All in the comfort of my own head
I walked leopards on a leash
I rode whales on to the beach
All in the comfort of my own bed

I’m not going anywhere relevant
At least not yet
Given all that you’ve said

Look to the east and to the west
Sooner or later
Everyone you see will be dead


I am not ungrateful, I don’t want to sound ungrateful (x2)
But if you ask me where I’ll be in ten years
I’d say anywhere that isn’t here
Because there is no better way to waste my mind
Then to sit here, killing out time
I don’t want to sound ungrateful, because I am not ungrateful (x2)

Slowly the coins drain from the bank
Slowly the water
Empties out of the tank

I’ve got precious few words left to say
Every time I spreak
I watch them float away
Track Name: You Just Can't Revive
You Just Can’t Revive
Words and Music by Hannah Lee Thompson and Joseph Hixon Terrell

Sometimes you grimace when you grin
Like I don’t know the shape your in
And there’s nothing I can do to make it better

Until you let me inside
The corners of your mind
And I begin to feel a little bit better


A lucky life’s an eye for an eye
The bad ones you just can’t revive

But I found comfort cause I know
You’ll come with me when I go
someplace I won’t return from

Home is where my heart is
The alleyways I darted
Things I can’t take part in anymore

It’s such a high cost of living
For a lowlife like myself
All the bottom feeders are the last ones on the shelf

But Brooklyn is too beautiful to spend all day in bed
Get out of the covers and shake
The cobwebs off your head


Autumn leaves have fallen
It’s clear that the fall’s been done in
Rest yourself before you come extinct

When daylight is over
Before the afternoon begins
Don’t you think

But I found comfort cause I know
You’ll come with me when I go
someplace I won’t return from